India's big superstar


India’s Big Superstar - The Biggest Talent Hunt Reality Show in International Platform
Rules & Regulations - Audition & Competition Enrolment Form

  1. Selection Round will be absolutely free and the enrolment forms will be distributed on spot at audition venue (terms & Conditions apply) and after that the participants will have to give audition for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round on the same day of audition.
  2.  This reality show will be telecasted on National Television Channel – BCV Entertainment that will be launched after completion of all auditions of 35 cities in India.
  3. Decision given by judges will be considered final.
  4. If any participant or their relatives found misbehaving, then the organiser will have the right to disqualify the participant from the reality show.
  5. Judgment will make on the basis of Body Language, Expressions, Choreography, Costumes, Presentation, Song Selection and Script.
  6. For the Audition and there after Rounds, participant have to come with their Own Costumes, CD and Make up Kit on time.
  7. Each Participant should get their music in CD and PENDRIVE format only.
  8. Participant qualified for 5th round (T.V. & Shoot round) has to register for Special Training Classes (Grooming, Workshop & Personal Development) by paying the fees (terms & condition apply) and after that the participants have to give audition for 5th, 6th and 7th round on a single stage.
  9. The Special Training Classes(Grooming, Workshop & Personal Development) Venue, Date, Time & Enrolment Number will be send by email id only and Participant have to come along with the print out of Registration Number for the Classes.
  10. If any Injury during Performance, it is solely the responsibility of the Participant & not the 1st impression Entertainment.
  11. Participant should report an hour before their allotted time
  12. Enrolment form should be filled up Online (for abroad) and Offline (on spot at audition venue).
  13. Enrolment & Registration fees will not be refundable.
  14. All the rights reserved to 1st Impression Entertainment
  15. Each Participant should give different performance for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round on the same day of audition.


Participant must read the above Rules & Regulation carefully and abide, agree to it. Enrolment Form to be submitted at the 1st Impression audition venue between 11 am to 5 pm only on the same day of audition.

Rules & Regulations:
Audition & Competition – Level 1st to 4th

The following are the Terms and Conditions, Governing The INDIA’S BIG SUPERSTAR (The Biggest Talent Hunt Reality Show in International Platform)- Singing, Dancing, Acting, Instrumental Music Competition Hosted by Banktesh Cine Vision Private Limited (A Unit Of Balaji Group of Companies) for the purpose of selection of Participants for its Reality Programme tentatively Titled “INDIA’S BIG SUPERSTAR” (The Biggest Talent Hunt Reality Show in International Platform) - Singing, Dancing, Acting & Instrumental Music to be telecast on National Television Channel - BCV Entertainment that will be launched after completion of all auditions.

These rules for Participation in the Contest (“Terms and Conditions”) shall be irrevocably binding on each entrant/participant (Contestant’s/Participant’s) voluntarily participating in the Contest. The participation by the Contestant’s/Participant’s in the Contest in the manner as detailed below shall be deemed to be their absolute agreement to the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Banktesh Cine Vision Private Limited as prescribed from time to time. The Contest shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions stated herein below and all Contestants’s as requested herein unconditionally accept and agree to comply with and abide by the same.

The Privacy Policy available at shall govern all usage of any Personal Information (defined below) gathered under or pursuant to this Contest by Banktesh Cine Vision Private Limited (defined below).

"Company" means Banktesh Cine Vision Private Limited the owner and right holder of the Program/Event/Talent Hunt Reality Show.
"Contestant(s)": Any person’s who is Ten (10) years to thirty (30) years as of 1th of January, 2017 and is a citizen of India and/or a resident of India as per the Income Tax Act, 1961, and enters the Show in accordance with the rules stated below.
Program means the Show’s (defined below) which shall be Tentatively Titled “India’s Big Superstar” Short Form IBS.
Production House Banktesh Cine Vision Private Limited (A Unit of Balaji Group of Companies) the Organizers, Presenters and Producers of the Programme.
"Show(s)" means each episode’s of the Program including any Special Show’s.
Show Player(s) means the selected Contestant’s who are selected through the process of the Audition to participate in the Program.
Special Show(s) means any episode/s of the Show recorded with Contestant’s who belong to a category other than that specified hereunder, which may include celebrities or children special, or any other category which may be decided upon by the Company in its Sole Discretion. Such episodes may have Additional Rules (as Amendments/Attachments) to which the Contestants will have to comply along with all the other rules of the Competition.
Audition(s) means different levels of selection process which the Contestant’s need to clear for participating in the Program.
Audition Centre (i) means a location in any of the following cities where, at the discretion of the Company, the Contestants need to come for the Level 1(A) - round 1 to 4 and Level 1(B) – T.V. & Shoot round 5 to 7 of the Audition process
Allahabad, Aurangabad, Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar,  Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi, Durgapur, Ernakulum(Kerala), Goa, Guwahati ,Gorakhpur, Greater Noida, Indore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak(Haryana), Shimla, Siliguri, Srinagar (J&K), Udaipur, Varanasi, Vadodara

Or any other such city as the Company may nominate (ii). means and is limited to locations in the cities where, at the discretion of the Company, the Contestants need to come for the Level 2 - round 8 to 14 of the Regional Competition process: Delhi and (iii) means and is limited to locations in the city of Mumbai where, at the discretion of the Company, the Contestants need to come for the Level 3 - round 15 to 18 of the Competition process after that the selected competitors need to come for Level 4 – T.V. Episode rounds.
Studio" means any location deemed fit by the Company for Filming of the Programme.
Intellectual Property” means and includes all Performances, Performers’ Rights, Publicity Rights, Brands, Rights if any vested in the Contestant relating to or in the Footage owned by the Company, Concepts, Confidential Information, Copyrights, Databases, Designs, Formulae, Franchises, Goodwill, Know-how, Licenses, ‘Look and Feel’, Music (including Songs, Sheet Music, Lyrics and Remixes), Permits, Proprietary information and Knowledge, Scripts (and their Sound recordings), Segments, Set Designs, Service Marks, Technology, Titles, Trademarks, Trade Names, Trade Secrets, Format Rights, and all other Allied, Ancillary and Subsidiary Rights in any and all media whether now known or subsequently invented, as well as all other intellectual property as is commonly understood and recognized as such by applicable law, (Past, Current or Future) Film Industry usage, or otherwise.
Works shall mean an include any form of Artistic works, works of Authorship , any form of Performances and Services made by the Contestant’s or compilation, data which is Developed, Created, Discovered, Invented or otherwise brought into existence by the Contestants during the course of Program/Reality Show or the Auditions/Competition.
Exploitation/Exploit shall mean the exploitation of the Materials including along with its cognate forms and grammatical variations, means and includes the Exploitation, Use, Alteration, Broadcast, Rebroadcast, Communication, Encryption, Transmission, Translation Adaptation, Publication, Cutting, Editing, and Packaging of the Intellectual Property vested in the Materials, either in whole or in part, in any form/format or language, as may be decided by Banktesh Cine Vision Private Limited in its Sole Discretion and shall include incorporation of the Materials including performances in the Programme or any Audio Visual recording or sound recording or as may be decided by Banktesh Cine Vision Private Limited in its Sole Discretion as well as the conversion of the Materials from one form/format to another and in relation to the Materials, making of a Cinematograph Film or Sound Recording, Communication to the Public, Broadcast, Performance in Public, Adaptation, Reprography, Reproduction, Distribution, Sale, Commercial Rental, Assignment, Licensing, Merchandising Rights, Remakes, Sequels, Prequels, Versions, Translations, Dubbing and/or Subtitling in any all languages/dialects in the World, Converting the Materials for the iatrical exploitation, including but not limited to the Broadcasting there of by any form of Radio, Internet and any and all form of Television including but not limited to Terrestrial, Satellite, Direct to home, Cable, IPTV, any form of video on demand (including but not limited to Pay-per-View, NVOD, SVOD, PVOD, FVOD made available for being seen or heard or delivered or exploited through wire or wireless including but not limited to Internet, Websites including but not limited to Social Networking Websites, Blogs, Internet or Mobile Streaming or Download Services (whether free, pay or subscription based) computing and Networking Devices, Mobile /Telecommunication system based Platforms, Mobile TV, Theatrical or Non-Theatrical or any other means whether now known or existing or in commercial use or hereinafter invented or developed in the future in and to the Intellectual Property and all elements thereof. The capitalized terms ‘Broadcast’, ‘Communication to the Public’, ‘Cinematograph Film’, ‘Performance /Perform in Public’, ‘Sound Recording’, ‘Visual Recording’ shall have the same meanings as defined in the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 as amended from time to time and all analogous rights subsisting under the laws of each and every jurisdiction throughout the World.


  1. The Contest will commence from October 14th of 2016 conclude on 31st Dec 2017(“Period”) (both dates inclusive).
  2. Procedure to register
    • The Company shall promote the registration through on-air (Promos, Astons, Bugs etc.), Radio, Online/Offline and any other manner as the Company may deem fit, at its Sole Discretion, Stating the Mechanism in which the Contestant’s can participate in the Programme/Reality Show.
    • Registration